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Joolz Balla Encourages You To “Run it Up” Everyday like its your B-Day




Joolz Balla’s music video “Run It Up” does just that by reaching over 500k eyeballs on YouTube. Joolz set the tone in his music video by reiterating the concept of enjoying life and spending the bag. Success didn’t come overnight for the rapper, and he’s been at it for some time now, so reveling in the excitement is only a chapter of the tale.

Joolz got his first whiff in the music industry when he was in high school. He was working for a promoter named Vanilla, who booked celebrity talent for special events. Joolz had the opportunity to pass out flyers for Jadakiss, one of his favorite rappers. Inspired by the music scene, Joolz decided music was his passion. Slowly understanding the music industry, Joolz’s father took him to a professional studio to create his version of Magic.

After years of putting in the work, Joolz linked up with known rapper Frenchie. The two artists started building together and laid down several records, including “City is Mine” off the Concrete Jungle 2 mixtape. Shortly after that, Waka’s mother, Ms. Deb, Put together The Bricksquad Monopoly tour, included Waka Flocka’s brothers, Derez, Birdman Zoe, and Joolz, to name a few. The tour helped Joolz get recognition for his music career. Now fast forward years later, Joolz Balla has grown as an artist and has upgraded his sound. “Run It Up” is a preview of the talent and creativity the up-and-coming talent has in store.

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