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‘Aaliyah’ Rerelease Showcases That Classic Albums Indeed Age Like Fine Wine




Stunning looks, edgy personality, beautiful soul, and generational talent encapsulate the person the late Aaliyah was. While moments in her life and her sudden passing years ago were a tragedy, we must not forget the reason why we hold her dears to our hearts. Aaliyah was one of the most “what if” stories in music and one of the blueprints for modern black women to thrive as entertainment superstars. Name such as Rihanna, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Kelly Rowland, and more portrays bits of the late singer’s ability to procure quality content throughout various entertainment mediums such as acting and along with music along with curating classic billboard busting hits.

Recently through EMPIRE., Aaliyah’s critically acclaimed ‘One In a Million and ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’ which pleased fans worldwide and made new ones. However, we all wanted to know where was Aaliyah’s self-titled album which genuinely, in my opinion, shaped her into true superstardom. Yes, she was a superstar before, but this particular album embraced her true womanhood and delivered one of the most incredible works of music in modern history. When it was re-released this past Friday, I was astounded by how well it has aged! I mean, yes, playing it through various methods such as YouTube is cool, but to finally blast it in a late-night car ride on my way to annoy my girlfriend was one of a kind experience that makes me appreciate Aaliyah’s artistry in a new way.

From the grown and sexy lyrics to the timeless production, which aged liked wine and track-list play out like a maturation story from top to bottom, is what truly makes ‘Aaliyah’ special! Now we can experience the magic again that this one-of-a-kind album the late Aaliyah procured on any DSP! Listen responsibly and vibe out! Twenty years means nothing to music so classic it ages like fine wine.