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Unsigned Hype: Pro Material Releases New Single, “Switch it Up”



Hip-Hop duo, Pro Material recently released their brand new single, “Switch it Up,” which is a clear representation of heavy-induced bars in conjunction of melodious hymns. The record is essentially a club banger that meets an underlaying rift of poetry. As the drill type of beat blares through your speakers, you can hear both Gilz and Banks switching up their lyrical cadence in lieu of pursuing a woman. However, the true nature of the record’s concept is Pro Material’s versatility to switch and elevate as their popularity continues to blossom. 

Gilz begins with the first verse detailing the aesthetics of the woman’s adoration:

“I got her vibin’, got her subscribing

I got the wine and she sippin’ up.

I’m in her mind and she in-denial when I ain’t replyin’ or pickin’ up.

I’m never sliding or tripping up…”

As per the title of the single, the duo’s high energetic mantra goes on repeat as the hook.  

Banks carries the torch in the second verse:

“When it comes to my time, I’m invested. 

Gave ya’ll bars for free, we even put y’all on the guest list.

[Wait, what’s your name again?]

You might as well put me by the greats –

I’m charging all different rates 

It’s the only way I timeshare…” 

The record concludes with “Switch it Up,” as the hook. 

About Pro Material: 

Both Martin ‘Gilz’ Gilfritz and Ty ‘Banks’ met during their senior year in high school in 2005 to which their brotherhood solidified over their passion and love for music – particularly Hip-Hop’s wordplay and metaphoric concepts. The group would spend the better part of their early years honing and sharpening their crafts, experimenting with fusing different genres alongside remaining authentic with Hip-Hop roots. 

Pro Material would release their first project, Until Further Notice in 2014, however, it wasn’t until recently where the group garnered more traction with their present release titled Ethos

Check out Pro Material and be sure to support their ventures. 

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