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Gwoppy Is On The Rise



Repping the Big Apple, Gwoppy has been creating quite a buzz for himself. Lately, Gwoppy has been on a hot streak, dropping hot tracks one after the other. A few weeks ago he released his track Money and Violence with Harlem rap legend Jim Jones. The song and video gained major traction on the internet, gaining over 35k views in only 48 hours. Not too long after that, he followed it up with yet another hot track Dboyz, this time with West Coast rapper Lingo. Gwoppy is also known in the weed industry. For years Gwoppy has been creating and marketing his own strains of marijuana, which have all become very successful. Always smoking the finest weed, wearing the latest brands, and working with popular rappers, Gwoppy lives a life some can only dream about. 

Music Xclusives sat down with Gwoppy to talk about the Jim Jones collab, his upcoming project, the booming marijuana business, and more. Read what he had to say below and be sure to keep a look out for his upcoming project.

What are you wearing today? 

Some Louis Vuitton, Amiri, Dior. 

The other day someone gave you a custom hat. What’s the significance of that hat? 

That’s one of my drivers, he acknowledged me as a king. So, you know, he made me a hat put my name on it and all that. It’s nice, it look cool.

You recently debut a song, Money and Violence, featuring New York’s own Jim Jones. How does it feel to be working with such major names in New York? 

It’s a blessing working with Jim Jones he always been a legend in my eyes. I’m from Brooklyn but I listened to dipset coming up. It was a blessing.

What part of Brooklyn are you from?

I’m from downtown Brooklyn, Fort Greene area. Moved to East New York a few years back. I mostly chill over there.

You kind of touched on this a second ago, but what other rappers were you looking up to and listening to growing up? 

Lil baby, Future, Yo Gotti and them. As far as the East Coast, I used to listen to French Montana, Max B. I’m fucking with a couple of ni**as doing they thing right now. Everyone doing the drill shit, I listen to that, that shit fire.

You’ve been dropping singles pretty steadily, recently you dropped another one with West Coast rapper, Lingo song called Dboyz. How did you guys end up linking up? 

We linked up through a friend, who I also met through a friend. It was crazy though basically I got the whole West Coast connection, they all fucking with me and I’m fucking with them hardbody. We just came across in the studio really, ever since then it’s been lit. Hanging out, going to the studio stuff like that.

Obviously you have a heavy hand in the weed business right now. You have your own strains, you’re always at weed events. How did that all come about? 

Basically I’m a heavy smoker. So I was really in tune with the shit down south, I would be going back and forth to Atlanta. I was down there fuckin with my man that got the Shark Latto. I always knew about all the exotic that was coming back this way. That’s how I had a head start, in front of a lot of people. We been in tune.

What are you smoking on right now? 

This some new shit. Jokes up. Gonna drop soon. Mixed with the white gummy and the yoshi, it’s a collab.

I think the first time we met was at a session with Mr. Swipey, Ether Da Connect, and Fivio Foreign. Fivio even mentions you and gives you a quick shout out on the intro of his hit song Big Drip. How long have you known the 8fs foreignside guys and how did you end up meeting them? 

I’ve been fucking with them for a few years now. Like 3-4 years. I came across them through a friend, Sosa Geek. That’s been my friend for the longest and all that. So he was mobbing with them, and he was mobbing with me at the same time. That’s how we was linking, going to the studio every day. It was before Fivio and Pop got on. We still cool to this day, everybody is just busy doing their own thing right now.

Besides Fivio you also got some collabs with other drill rappers like Sosa Geek, Ether, Mello Major, OMB Jay Dee. What are your thoughts on how Brooklyn Drill rose so rapidly and where do you think the genre is going? 

That shit is amazing. Where I’m from, people doubt that you gonna make it from the drill shit. People get tired of it and try to downplay it. We started from the bottom. You could just make a hit and that shit can go big. That shit is amazing, ni**a can find his way like over night. A ni**a ain’t gotta spit some shit about things he never had. A ni**a can spit about his lifestyle and make it to the big screen, that shit is fire to me.

Do you have any plans to drop an album or project soon? 

Yeah, I got an EP I’m working on now. Gonna release it in the fall. Y’all gonna see about that, you gonna hear that one.

What can you tell us about it? 

Basically I get in a mode. I don’t even speak like motivation shit. I let ni**as know, you could do what I’m doing. I ain’t special from nobody. I stuck to the script. Everything I’m about to speak about on the EP is going to be based on that.

Any artists out there, from NYC or otherwise that you’d like to work with? 

I’m looking forward to working with big people like Rowdy Rebel, or Dusty Locane. Someone that’s making noise in the city. Let them hear me out, know that I’m on my way. 

Do you plan on doing any shows? 

Hell yeah, I’m going to do shows.

As an artist growing up in New York, what are some of your favorite things about New York and growing up here? 

First things first, the drip. That’s just what we on out here, we do that shit regular. People be so amazed by the shit that we wear. We like to pop our shit, feel ourselves a lil bit. At the end of the day, I told you we come from nothing. To be doing what we’re doing now, it’s a dream.