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Aaliyah’s ‘One In A Million’ Hits New Milestone



As promised the controlling entity of Aaliyah’s catalogue has released her second album ‘One In A Million’ to streaming services on August 20th. The album was met with much fanfare as she trended on Twitter for the next few days after it’s rerelease. Since it’s release the album has gone on to sell twenty six thousand equivalent units vaulting the songstress into the number 10 position on the Billboard 200. This release actually out performed the original release back in 1996 which yielded over 40,500 physical copies. It is unfortunate that during her short life she had not been able to achieve this milestone. It is a bitter-sweet accomplishment indeed.

The above release schedule Blackground Records hopes to keep the momentum going with the ‘Romeo Must Die Soundtrack’ slated for a September 3rd release date. Followed by the critically acclaimed ‘Aaliyah’. With all of the turmoil that has surrounded her catalogue over the last 20 years one thing remains abundantly clear, Aaliyah remains just as missed as the day that she has passed and her influence still looms large over music landscape. Enjoy the music everyone.

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