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Kanye Draw the Ire Of His Contemporaries With Donda’s Final Cut



Donda was released in the afternoon of August 29th. The much anticipated album came to us randomly after about a 2 month waiting period which included extravagant two live listening sessions. However much like anything dealing with Kanye this album came with it’s share of surprises. One of the surprises that seem to keep recurring are the amount artist’s that feel slighted by them being left off of the final cut of the album. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy specifically felt some type of way and aired their grievances via social media.

One of the causes for this controversy could be that Donda wasn’t released by Kanye himself but rather his label Universal who like most of us probably grew tired of waiting for this album and wanted to cash in on their investment before the interest possibly died.

No matter the antics, Kanye seems to have retained a certain level of intrigue from not only his fans but also his peers. Kanye like many of us has gone through a great deal of change this past year, however it is clear that his value within the music industry hasn’t changed. He remains one of the most polarizing individuals within our culture and looks to continue being so for the foreseeable future. Until then lets enjoy Donda flaws and all.

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