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Super-producer Backpack Ben plans to unveil star studded EP that includes Trippie Redd




New York’s favorite rising super-producer, Backpack Ben, has been on a roll of momentum lately with multiple singles that preview his upcoming EP ‘Dropped Out,’ including notable features such as Trippie Redd, Jay. Gwaupo, Chris Patrick, Jake James, and more! Ben promises an embellished project full of diverse sounds, inspired by leaving Oberlin college to pursue a career trusting his musical talents.

Each of the nine artists selected for ‘Dropped Out’ was chosen from Ben’s vision. Backpack Ben wants to follow in the steps of other super-producers such as Metro Boomin’, Zaytoven, Mike Will Made-It, and more! Every particular artist on the upcoming release has a distinct sound that encapsulates a different viewpoint of music. 

However, what separates Ben from his colleagues is a willingness to bring consistent and fulfilling music programs to undervalued communities worldwide. Growing up being adopted, Ben has some genuine words of love that he wishes to share and hopes more creatives can join him in making his dream come true. 

“Creating a community is important for emotional support and solidarity. Children from underserved communities do not always have that support. They often lack access to creative outlets where they can express themselves in a constructive environment,” he said during a studio session. 

Ben continued with, “I hope to develop programs that will provide that space for children to thrive through music. Being adopted, my friend circle helped me feel like I belonged when I questioned my place in this world. I want to create that space for other kids like me.”

To put it simply, Backpack Ben represents the elite musician talents of the industry and the underdog and overlooked from the ghettos of the earth, which makes him the super-producer of the people. While anticipation builds for his forthcoming release, below, you may check out his current music videos that give you a taste of the EP.