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Not A ‘Hot Boy Summer’ For You: Chris Brown and Questlove Weight In On DaBaby Controversy; DaBaby Claps Back, Claims To Not Know Who Questlove Is



Looks like DaBaby continues to dig DaHole for himself as celebrities are standing in solidarity and calling out the ‘Kirk’ rapper for his recent controversial statements. While celebrities like Madonna and Elton John have recently shared their opinions, disagreeing with the ‘Rockstarr’ rapper, Dua Lipa has also weighed in on the situation, sharing how she doesn’t “recognize” the person who she once knew and collaborated with.

Seems like the ‘Billion Dollar Baby’ record exec won’t be invited to too many functions in the future as more celebrities are coming forward to check the rising star and mute him together.

Recently, Chris Brown has weighed in on the situation with an Instagram story, sharing a cryptic message saying “Shut The F*CK UP…Do yo shows, thank everybody, and get off stage,” which is a clear indirect message to the ‘Cry Baby’ star. Many know Brown to never insert himself into controversial situations but looks like this one did not sit well with the ‘Privacy’ singer.

While a legend in the making shared his comments, the already made legend in Questlove shared his thoughts on the matter with an Instagram feed post. The 50-year-old musician shared his dream list for Summer Of Soul after who be his acts in an updated, curated playlist and looks like the ‘Blame It on Baby’ star can kiss that invite goodbye as The Roots drummer and frontman crossed out the 29-year-old rapper’s name which contained A Tribe Called Quest, The Isley Brothers, Sade, Rihanna, Hiatus Kaiyote Sault, and Megan The Stallion.

Questlove shared in the caption how DaBaby’s comments were “f*cked up” and “wrong,” continuing that the world will learn that “other human beings live in the space you are.”


DaBaby clapped back at the post in his Instagram story, claiming to not know who Questlove is and how people will “learn” that people can’t influence others to stop “f*cking with the influence.” He continues to say he doesn’t care if he loses ‘The Roots’ drummer as a fan. Whew.

In the midst of all the madness, DaBaby lost an endorsement deal with boohooMan due to his comments, after collaborating and launching his summer collection. Doesn’t look like a ‘Hot Boy Summer’ for the 12x BET Hip Hop Award nominee.