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LAW is in order and the new artist rising from Jersey explains to us why!




Meet LAW; she might be the next up diverse musician from New Jersey to garner significant acclaim worldwide. Her recent release of “Controller,” the entertainer who empowers women and procures quality tunes, stopped by for an exclusive with us. Bushy and cheery, LAW is more than just music; she has a unique personality.

TV appearances on BET and MTV, along with several features, recently portray LAW as a rising star. She is but behind the celebrity likeness is a beautiful soul.

She’s a lover of people and places as LAW plans on traveling the country, meeting new faces performing her tracks in front of millions of people. Also, LAW adapted her vivid personality into a hit Tik Tok series where she appeals to audiences all over the country. Her fanbase dubbed her “The Queen Of Besties” due to her relatability and genuine spirit.

However, one thing is super passionate about is making sure black people, especially black women, have a voice in entertainment that stands up for them.

Society tends to label us aggressive and rude, but that’s so untrue. It’s like we can’t have a bad day without millions of voices telling us how we’re wrong. It’s a shame too because we encompass some of the most icon talents, such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, H.E.R., Diana Ross, Sade, and more! I think we deserve a little more respect for our name, and that’s the story behind my name. LAW stands for Ladies Always Win cause we always do! Especially black women, hello!


A vivid soul and pleasant music that goes along with a model type look equal LAW, who equals an artist to keep your eyes on. To get a sample of the vibes, add “Controller” to your daily mix.

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