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MX Review: EST Gee – ‘Bigger Than Life Or Death’



EST Gee is currently going through a career breakout year, and for a good reason. The Louisville native combines his gritty flow, eerie world play, and transparency about his life that compels audiences from the streets or the suburbs. What makes ‘Bigger Than Life Or Death’ hit for me is the simple fact that while some artists who engage in trap music never enthralled themselves into the lifestyle, Gee embraced his past life, and you can tell be his lyrics.

EST Gee makes the trenches relatable to anybody of any background, and that is his biggest strength. He’s not mumbling throughout the tracklist, Gee is entirely in tune with the diverse production sets, and the honesty in his lyrics hits home for many people. Gee’s presence through the LP is so strong that even with features from Future, Young Thug, 42 Dugg, Rylo Rodriguez, Lil Baby, Yo Gotti, and Lil Durk doesn’t outshine him.

The best tracks, in my opinion, on the album are “Real Reason,” “SkyDweller,” and “Bigger Than Life Or Death” because it’s just Gee and the mic going in! The features are just a bonus and do an excellent job of giving a different perspective on those particular tracks. Gee has real star potential, and I’m glad his latest offering showcases it proudly.

To put it simply, ‘Bigger Than Life Or Death’ is a must-listen. The album will put listeners in the mood of watching their favorite crime movie, it’s thrilling and a joy to listen to.

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