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Behind The Boards: Mouse On Tha Track is more than just a producer




He is his own artist, brand, and person. Yes, he has hits record, but to recognize Mouse On Tha Track for producing Lil Boosie’s hit records “Wipe Me Down” and “Zoom” is ridiculous. Matter, in fact, he recently went and is still going viral on Tik Tok for his hit “Knees Like Megan,” a twerk track based on Megan Thee Stallion’s famous knee strength.

His track record is so pristine that 300 Entertainment signed him recently because he has a world of potential to unlock. He just has to get credited and respected for it. Did you know he produced Webbie’s independent? Did you know that he also worked with Paul Wall and Bun B? Most importantly, did you know that Mouse On Tha Track is an overall entertainer who deserves more credit for the work he has done?

Mouse On Tha Track has millions of views and streams on his music for a reason; he procures a catchy southern bounce sound that mixes well with modern trap music. Also, add that he’s an astute businessman and talent foreseer who pioneered the careers that help launched careers of artists from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the state as a whole.

Mouse is humble, and respect is a big part of his moral compass. He is a family man and considers himself a protector. He’s very in touch with his surroundings and draws inspiration from the world around him. When Mouse On Tha Track connects with fans, he lifts their spirits and transforms their perceptions through musical experiences. 

He’s not one of them and needs to be respected as such!

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