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The Rise of Capella Grey, Music’s Newest and Most Unique Star



Capella Grey caught my attention in a different manner, the rising star from the Bronx borough of New York City. I usually hear violent drill singles with re-playability that is catchy enough to be circulated throughout the clubs. However, Grey is a different breed of artist, and the boom of his hit single “Gyalis” is quite impressive. Ever since a colleague of mine, Armon Sadler, wrote about it for Pitchfork, I was hooked.

New artists need to take note of why Grey is very successful and should be a case study for artist teams. For one, he didn’t conform to a trend; he trusted that his musical capabilities were so genius that it doesn’t matter if it’s not a popular style; it stands out and is made a hit. Two, multiple samples, including one of my favorites with “Back Dat Azz Up,” were implemented seamlessly in the track that allowed it to breathe flawlessly.

[Photo Credit: Leo Lysius / @ImagesbyLeo]

An issue today with modern music is that production can overshadow musicians today. Yes, music should have words, but today’s quality of production can allow artists to mindlessly spew ad-libs because they know the beat will carry the single. Still, Grey blends his unique voice impressively to the diverse output on the track and is smoother than the ears then syrup on fresh pancakes. Third, he has ACTUAL lyrics, which can make you think along with being able to sing along at your favorite day party or in the car. Capella Grey, fortunately, discusses relatable topics of love and lust on “Gyalis,” which gives it diversity to play around multiple settings.

Recently, Capella Grey’s accomplished a fantastic feat by charting #24 on Billboard’s Bubbling Under Hot 100 list for “Gyalis,” which garners excitement for the future of the track and Grey himself. It’s not surprising, though, because the public support of the single has been nothing short of amazing. On Billboard’s emerging artist chart, Grey debuted at #47.

[MusicXclusives’ On-Air Talent Silva & Capella Grey/Allepac The Family]

Popular influencers and entertainers Kash Doll, Jayda Wayda, Winnie Harlow, Bernice Burgos, and Alexis Sky had “Gyalis” playing in the background recently on Instagram content. Multiple notable artists such as Kranium and both French Montana and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie remixed the single that only adds more gasoline to Capella’s current trajectory. Also, a new ploy to Grey’s ingenious marketing campaign by adding a remix challenge drawing attention from many musical talents.

However, what really astounds my mind is that I can hit a simple function in the city by other places like Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta and see people recite the lyrics word for word with no beat. In New York, it’s become like a daily anthem for civilians of all backgrounds, and it’s nothing short of remarkable.

Please keep Capella on your radar; you are potentially looking at the next superstar to burgeon from The Big Apple.

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