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1017’s Big Scarr and D.C.’s Balla tag team on “Rock N Roll”




Washington, D.C.’s Balla continues his impressive run since being released from the prison a little over a year ago. Hw wants to show the youth of his city and the world that anything is possible regardless of circumstance if you put your mind to it. Recently he tabbed Big30 for a single and now adds to the 1017 mix by enlisting Big Scarr for “Rock N Roll.”

Both artists’ gritty and street nature mesh well to create a hood anthem with duality to get played in suburban settings. The visual, Directed by Shot by Shahid and Major Life Music, might be a little too explicit but showcases the musicians being themselves in their natural habitat.

Regardless of how you might view the nature of both musicians, Scarr and Balla are pure in heart. Especially Balla, whose current trajectory is motivated by him wanting to inspire the civilians of his neighborhood, Simple City, to accomplish whatever you can put your mind to.

He wants the kids of the ghettos to know that you don’t have to be in the streets to make a good life for yourself. Balla wants them to trust their talents and make themselves amazing.

The Top Opp of Washington, D.C., has had a rough life, but it was a calling for him to make amends with his past and pursue a better future as the big “Balla” of D.C.

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