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Khalid Returns With New Single ‘New Normal,’ Announces New Album ‘Everything Is Changing’



As the world continues to experience change, looks like change is happening to R&B singer Khalid – who returns to the music scene with a new single ‘New Normal’ and announcing a new album Everything Is Changing, which is currently set to be released this fall. Sporting a new look with blue-dyed hair, the 4:00 minute visual for the lead single off of his upcoming third single shows the 23-year-old singer in different areas including a flower shop and giving a futuristic field.

Khalid debuted the melodic July 11th during his set at Virgin Galatic’s Unity 22 Spaceflight launch earlier this month. In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1 host Annie Mac, the ‘Talk’ singer revealed to the radio host that the pandemic changed him as an artist. He shares “I felt like I was doing everything for everyone else but what do I want to do for myself. I would’ve never been able to write a song like this in 2017 and I wasn’t ready to. All of it has allowed me to grow as an individual, friend, and person. It allowed me to grow for the better.”

Fans have already been raving about the new single within the first two hours of its debut, with responses being very positive.

You can watch the new video for the single ‘New Normal’ below.