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The Weeknd Invests in Song Creation Company Called Songfinch



The Weeknd has joined on a big team of investors that have invested 2 million dollars into a startup company called Songfinch. Songfinch is a company in the music industry that customizes songs for what their listener wants. This is the latest music startup company in the industry. Songfinch was founded by John Williamson, Rob Lindquist, Scott Kitun, and Josh Kaplan. The whole idea of the company is that these customers are looking for a customized song for a certain occasion or mood that they are in and Songfinch will create that for them. Others who have joined in the investments are the Weeknd’s manager/XO records CEO Wassim “Sal” Slaiby, Reverb founder David Kalt, Atlantic Records CEO Craig Kallman, and others. Kallman raved about Songfinch in a recent statement: “Songfinch gave me the opportunity to send an extraordinary musical gift that proved so moving and emotional for all the people I sent it to. The creativity and impact of this service is truly remarkable and I had no hesitation becoming an investor”. 

Songs from Songfinch cost around 250 dollars a song, without other customizations. It takes up to a week to customize the original song for their customers. Songfinch pays around 100 dollars to the artist for the songs that they are doing. However, the artist gets the publishing and master ownership to the songs where the buyer gets the ability to share the song with others. As stated on Songfinch’s website, “Every song we create is based on our customer’s personalized details, submissions, and preferences. Multiple elements are used to create your personalized song to make it the best it can be based on the request and the artist. Every song request is carefully reviewed by our Music Supervision team and assigned to the perfect artist to bring your song to life”. The Weeknd believes in the company and is no stranger to investing lots of money into a passion of his. He will be involved in the startup, watching the company grow as an investor.

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