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MTV’s ‘Cribs’ Reboot; Rick Ross, Big Sean, and Tinashe Guest Starring



MTV has recently announced that the extremely popular and 20 year old show MTV Cribs will return with a star-studded cast. Celebrities that will make an appearance and take the audience throughout their insane houses include Rick Ross, Big Sean, Tinashe, and much more. As explained by the president of content for MTV, “Cribs didn’t simply introduce the celebreality genre, it created a blueprint for how we engage on social media. We are thrilled to usher in a new era of this iconic franchise for audiences around the world”. Rick Ross is one of the celebrities to be featured on the upcoming reboot of the show. He has plenty of real estate that they can use for the show. Included in these properties is a 235-acre estate that he still enjoys cutting the grass at. He explained in an interview with Forbes why he loves to cut his own grass. He said, “I sit there and have my cannabis rolled up, and, man, I look at the property and can appreciate my struggles and my triumphs, those rough days. For anybody who doesn’t cut their own grass, I would say take time out every two or three months to cut your grass because it is such a great and peaceful sensation”.

Known for its extravagant houses from celebrity superstars, MTV Cribs is going to be a big hit yet again when it is released. Each episode has been known to take the audience into the celebrities houses and see the personal and very up close look into these incredible properties. Filled with movie theaters, bowling alleys, indoor pools, and more, Cribs will make the audience relive the glory days of MTV and show the up close and personal tours of new celebrities starting August 11th.  

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