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Snoh Aalegra – ‘Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies’ Hits New Highs



Photo Credit: AWAL

A vibrant mix of class and sex appeal, Snoh hits high notes with her latest album

Snoh Aalegra boomed onto the scene in 2019 with her critically acclaimed ‘Ugh, Those Feels Again’ album. Her soothing voice and ambient tone of voice reminded listeners of a pleasant mix of Sade and Amy Winehouse. Aalegra’s immense beauty, explementary songwriting, and succulent vocals supplemented her on the forefront of modern R&B/Neo-soul.

To music purists, Snoh’s infectious voice has been on the scene since her debut EP ‘There Will be Sunshine’ hit all DSPs in 2014, which featured Common. ‘Ugh, Those Feels Again’ and the reception to it was long-awaited for the Iranian-Swedish song maven. I was so happy to see her get the recognition she deserved because few might know this, but she was a close protégé of the legendary Prince, which shades of his influence are sprinkled into her lyrics.

With much hype built for her latest work, Snoh had not only to work twice as hard to maintain the nostalgic appeal of her mainstream debut but showcase growth with her follow up ‘Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies.’ It’s safe to say not only has she lived up to those expectations with praise from critics and fans worldwide, but Aalegra surpassed them by adding her own unique flair this go around.

‘Temporary Highs In The Violets Skies’ for me portrays Snoh’s abilities to procure quality music that embodies not only the spirit of her lofty comparisons but herself. Her latest LP is fifteen tracks and forty-six minutes of pure musical bliss. Sugarcoated in a star-studded production by The Neptunes, No I.D., Terrace Martin, Tyler The Creator, Maneesh, and more, Snoh’s vocal range was showcased on a plethora of attention grabbing beats that allowed her versatility to shine at its highest peaks. Add in features from Tyler and James Fauntleroy, which adds icing to the cake perfectly.

It was difficult for me to pinpoint favorites with not one bad song on the album, but after eleven playthroughs in three days, I was ready to come through with a difficult decision finally. “Lost You” was one of my choices for best songs from the project, for Snoh’s eloquence and signature eerie ambiance was on full display in a darker but more transparent version of Aalegra. “On My Mind” featuring James Fauntleroy, sonically melodramatic beat blended flawlessly with Snoh’s and James’ buttery lyrics. “Dying 4 Your Love” is an incredible old-school style of lyric belting from Aalegra, which masterfully shows why she is beloved by fans worldwide.


To put it simply, ‘Temporary Highs In The Violet Skies’ is a must listens for music fans of any genre. Snoh Aalegra is here to stay and must be recognized as one of music’s rising superstars.