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NYC Producer ShoBeatz Has An International Hit On His Hands With A1 x J1’s “Latest Trends”



Aidan Werder (@aidantheasset)

With over 70M Spotify streams, 20M Youtube views, a #2 debut on the UK charts – and not one but two superstar remixes feat. A Boogie wit da Hoodie & UK star, Aitch – the ShoBeatz produced “Latest Trends” by A1xJ1 is a certified smash. 

ShoBeatz is a talented, versatile producer from Queens, NY whose made a name for himself over the last year working with some of the most exciting emerging talent out of NYC – and producing some of the most recognizable drill beats of 2021. 

Already off to a great year, things got even better as he saw, “Latest Trends” quietly spreading like wildfire on TikTok and on the European charts after it dropped in February – just one month later becoming Brit Certified-Gold.

The massive, undeniably catchy debut single of UK teenage duo, A1 x J1 which has already amassed 70M streams, 20M Youtube views, peaked at #2 and spawned not one but 2 monster remixes with Aitch (a big UK rapper for the Americans) and the elusive NYC superstar, Mr. DTB himself, A Boogie Wit da Hoodie.

The original version of A1 x J1’s “Latest Trends” (prod. ShoBeatz) was released in February and has amassed over 17M views on Youtube.

From its first seconds, “Latest Trends” is an instant standout track – largely due to the unique, understated production crafted by ShoBeatz – using an understated, guitar led instrumental and intricate drill-pattern drums to perfectly set the stage for A1’s captivating melodic hook and J1’s deep vocal and crisp bars – displaying skills and confidence well beyond their years. While the unique sing-rapping style and overwhelming charisma of the 15 year A1 may be the star of the track, the production has just enough of all the right ingredients to take the catchy debut single and turn it into a global radio hit.

The song came about after the catchy beat caught the ears of young A1 x J1, who uploaded their version to TikTok, which in turn began catching eyes and ears online. The next thing he knew, ShoBeatz was getting a call from A1 x J1’s manager, Dee-Lo, to officially purchase the beat – and eventually join the team. Since then, the record has gone on to amass millions of streams and views, peaking at #2 on the UK Single charts – and they’ve followed up with a remix and great video with Aitch, the legendary A Boogie feature, and just recently a new video “Plugged In W/ Fumez The Engineer”, featuring a beat co-produced by ShoBeatz. 

It’s also worth noting the interesting full circle drill moment happening with “Latest Trends”. ShoBeatz, a New York native producer creating a melodic, drill-inspired instrumental for two brand new artists from the UK – the original home of the drill producers who initially connected with emerging Brooklyn artists to create the now dominant NYC drill sound. You might even notice J1’s nod to Brooklyn drill goat, Sleepy Hallow in his last verse.

While all that’s been happening, ShoBeatz has been staying busy working with many of the most exciting emerging acts out of New York – producing tracks for a long list of names that should be familiar to those following the NYC scene including Dusty Locane, Ciggy Blacc, Melvoni, Kay Flock, Dougie B, 26AR, Dread Woo, Sha EK, Kha Structure, Leeky G Bando, and a bunch more. Proving to be quite versatile, all the while displaying a broad range – producing both heavy, hard-hitting drill tracks as well as the more understated, instrumental-led production 

He’s even crafted some of the most recognizable NY drill beats of the year, including Ciggy Blacc’s “Power” sampling Kanye West’s iconic “Power”, and “Dishonest” off Ciggy Blacc’s recent album The Chosen One – both of which are unique, sample-led beats that went viral with artists around the city, spawning countless versions of these tracks – perhaps most notably Kay Flock’s “What Yall Wanna Do” and “Being Honest” off his recent debut album FLOCKA

From originally being born in Guyana, to living in Queens and making his mark on the New York hip hop scene – and now with an international smash hit bubbling with one of the UK’s most exciting new acts – ShoBeatz is a success story in the making, and a great model for young producers looking to find their way in today’s music landscape. 

Check out “Latest Trends” with A1 x J1 below, as well the remixes with Aitch and with A Boogie.  You’ll also find ShoBeatz production on tracks with many of your favorite emerging NYC artists – including Ciggy Blacc and Kay Flock’s recent albums, on an upcoming single with Brooklyn’s babyface killa Melvoni, and on many upcoming tracks with your favorite rising artists out of NY… stay tuned for more big moves!