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Lil Baby Detained in Paris by Police; James Harden Stopped by Police



Lil Baby and James Harden travelled to Paris for fashion week but have been detained by the Parisian police for transporting drugs into the city. From the looks of their social media and ongoing posts, the rapper and basketball star have been in Paris for fashion week. Lil Baby was detained in the 8th arrondissement and news broke out via social media. Videos were shown throughout social media that Harden was stopped by the police on the streets but was not taken into custody. In the video, the listener can hear Harden saying that he doesn’t understand. However, Lil Baby was detained by the Police and his team are not willing to release a statement. 

Lil Baby and James Harden attended a white party in the Hamptons for the fourth of July and hopped right on a flight to Fashion week in Paris. According to recent reports, there were about 20 grams of weed found in the car that Lil Baby was in. Although they were both stopped by the police, Lil Baby was arrested while Harden was not. Harden was not in the car when it was pulled over by the Parisian Police. Harden and Lil Baby have been friends for a while. Harden was seen at Lil Baby’s birthday parties last December, while still on the Houston Rockets basketball team. After being traded to the Brooklyn Nets, they continued hanging out. This past week, before their run in with the police, they were spotted at the Balenciaga Fashion show. According to TMZ, the incident is still an ongoing investigation.

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