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Nick Cannon Reveals He Is Having Kids “On Purpose.” JT Gives Advice To Cannon: “Wrap It Up”



Clearly, the former Nickelodeon star is “Wild N Out” for a reason these days as Nick Cannon is on his seventh child with Model Alyssa Scott, who welcomed a baby boy this past weekend. Scott revealed in the Instagram post that the child had been named Zen and shared she will love her child for “eternity.” For the record, this is Cannon’s fourth baby to arrive this year, and fans are divided with his decision to have so many children with different women. Many fans are questioning Cannon’s method to his madness, sharing this seems very “unhealthy” and can affect the children in the long run.

While Nick Cannon is in the race for the most children with Future, who is rumored to have his eighth child on the way, many feel that Cannon is having all of these children after sharing he feels he will “die soon” in a previous interview with Howard Stern back in 2017. Cannon shares that due to his “near-death experiences” and “life-threatening situations,” he feels like he’s been “running out of time.”

While Cannon shared he doesn’t fear death, he “welcomes it,” he recently welcomed City Girls to his morning radio show on Power 106FM; he asked JT for any advice she would give him regarding having so many children. The “Twerkulator” rapper shares with Nick to “wrap it up,” and if he’s “having these kids on purpose,” there’s nothing she can tell him besides continuing to be the best him.

You can view the clip below. Do you agree with Cannon’s recent actions with the numerous babies? Do you think the fans’ theories are true about Cannon fearing he will “die soon?”