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Shawty Dred Is An Artist, Entrepreneur And Comedian Taking Atlanta By Storm



Shawty Dred AKA Mercedes Reshard New is an entrepreneur, artist and comedian taking Atlanta by storm. The Atlanta, Georgia native born September 26, 1997 has come a long way from hanging around Shawty Lo. From creating his own path in the Instagram comedic lane to transitioning to a full time rapper. Shawty Dred is on his grind and proving to others that he is a man to pay attention to. Missing from the IG scene as of late, Shawty Dred seems to be picking up steam in the music world with his latest offering “I’m From Old Nat” gaining some wide spread exposure.

We took the time out to sit down with the “Old Nat” mogul and asked him a few questions below.

Instagram: @RichLifeShawtyDred

Any people within the industries you consider close partners? Maybe some people that you collaborate with or will be working with?
The world will have to wait and see my content to know who I’m dealing with.

What is your vision? Where do you see yourself taking all this that you created?
I make movies and that’s what they are about to get movies. On my return I’m about to create a whole new wave watch and see. Just like I did the first time.

Is music your main passion? If not, can you talk to us about what is?
Honestly anybody that knows me knows my passion is acting the endgame is to be in The Hollywood movies after skits, after music, after the businesses I’m opening up the endgame is to make between $10 to $30 Million a movie like Kevin Hart or Denzel Washington or Tom Cruise so the endgame is to be at A-list Hollywood actor.

Atlanta, Los Angeles or Miami?
Los Angeles

When you think of Atlanta music, what artists come to mind?

Gucci Mane, Young Thug, Lil Baby, Gunna, OutKast

Check out Shawty Dred music below