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Nas Drops New Version from ’90s Lost Tapes; Cordae and Freddie Gibbs Featured



Nas is making his comeback by releasing remakes of his old songs. The latest release comes from his ’90s track “Life is Like A Dice Game”. Originally being apart of his ’90s lost tapes, Nas dropped the finished version of his single “Life Is Like A Dice Game”, featuring Freddie Gibbs and Cordae. By joining together with RapCaviar and Spotify, Nas brings back his unfinished version of the song 28 years later. From his Illmatic sessions, Nas said that this song will be a hit when it is done. Now, it is done and bound to be a hit. Nas and Spotify were able to bring on Grammy winning producer, Hit-Boy, to redo the beat and featured Gibbs and Cordae with new lyrics and verse. In addition to those two artists, Nas recorded a brand-new verse bringing the song fully to life but also bringing the nostalgia.

In a statement from Nas, he explained his wish to bring the song back to everyone. He states, “Spotify pulled out a leak from the ’90s that I did eons ago, and asked if I could resurrect it. I can’t remember where I recorded it, or who produced it – maybe Easy Moe Bee, he was killin’ the game at the time! Carl Chery from Spotify suggested we connect with Freddie and Cordae to bring the song new life, and I loved it”. Coming up on the 25th anniversary of his album It Was Written, Nas is not only bringing back “Life is Like A Dice Game” but releasing a new version of the album. It will have all of the original songs and a few new tracks. Old school is back, and Nas is making sure his fans and the world hear the past freestyles that shaped the career of Nas. 

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