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Justine Skye Drops New Album: Produced by Timbaland



Justine Skye has dropped a new album titled Space and Time. Making her return, the album has features from Justin Timberlake and Rema, drawing major attention from the fact that it was executively produced by music icon, Timbaland. The album is home to 11 tracks with two singles previously released titled “Twisted Fantasy” and “Intruded”. Bringing her sultry and soulful voice, Justine Skye gives her fans a new album that she calls “the bad bitch manual”. In reference to that, Skye has worked long and hard to give her fans what they have been waiting for and what she enjoyed working on. She explained that she felt like she has confidence in herself throughout the process of writing and producing this album. She also was very confidence in her sound and felt like she took her time with the album to make it the best it could be. 

As stated by Skye, “This was the first time I actually sat down and really thought it through and, I think, the first time that I’m actually saying a lot of the things that I always probably wanted to but didn’t know how to”. Skye announced to her fans that she was working on this album in 2020 over an Instagram live. It has finally been released and Skye could not be happier that the world gets to hear it. In addition to the album, there is a documentary showing the process of Skye’s new album with features from Justin Timberlake, Justin and Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, and lots more. With her soulful voice, beautiful lyrics, and executive help from icon Timbaland, the album is bound to do well on the charts. 

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