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Billie Eilish Under Fire For Racial Slur; Apologizes For Resurfaced Video



Looks like this Pop Star knows what it feels like to be the “Bad Guy.” Pop Star Billie Eilish is under fire after a video resurfaced on Tik Tok showing the “Lost Cause” singer mouthing an Asian racial slur. Tik Tok user “@Icvxxy” recently released the undated videos of the singer-songwriter with the hashtag #billieeilishiscancelled showing a compilation video of the 7x Grammy Award winner not in her best light.


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Fans were divided under the comments with some completely outraged and shocked while others are defending the artists, stating how she was “young” and deserves to move forward from this. “The “Bad Guy” singer recently apologized for the video in her Instagram story earlier today, sharing how “embarrassed” and “appalled” she is of her actions.

Eilish’s second studio album Happier Than Ever is set to be released July 22nd with her current single “Your Power” eligible for Gold certification in the US for selling over 500,000 units in the country. Do you forgive the Pop star for her comments?