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“SuperFly” Actor and Rapper Kaalan ‘KR’ Walker to Appear in Court + New Documents

“Superfly” actor and rapper Kalaan ‘KR’ Walker Jr, is expected to go to court for a preliminary hearing on June 22 in Los Angeles, California.



’18 Kaalan Walker at the screening of “SuperFly” in Culver City (Amanda Edwards via Getty Images)

“SuperFly” actor and rapper Kaalan ‘KR’ Walker Jr, is expected to go to court for a preliminary hearing on June 22 in Los Angeles, California. 

His last court appearance was back on May 18, 2021, where it was perceived, that Walker would have to return in June to determine if his impending charges are dropped 0r if the case will see its day in trial. LA District Attorney George Gascon recently dropped from the case due to unforeseen reasons, however, this will make the seventh DA that removed themselves from the ‘KR’ Walker’s case. 

Walker took to social media to express his sentiments on the case, remaining adamant of his innocence and he will provide exclusive content to the courthouse that may overturn the case, if applicable. 

“This is the seventh DA – the seventh DA to remove themselves from my case.” KR Walker stated, he continued “I was locked up for 2-and-a-half years [and] I’ve been through seven DA’s. Meaning 7 DA’s asked to remove themselves from the case, or they want someone else on the case.”

In layman terms, Walker states that each district attorney did not have sufficient evidence to proceed with the case. 


A little over a week ago, MusicXclusives released two exclusive photos of KR Walker and one of the alleged victims, Kimberly Quang that may possibly be questionable to court as compared to the other photo that was initially released back in 2017-18.

Mobz_World also unearthed several transcripts of LAPD allegedly informing the victim that the alleged evidence of her and Walker engaging in sexual acts will be destroyed. 

Credit: Mobz_World on Instagram

Another slide shows that one of the detectives attempted to get Kaalan’s now ex best friend and the beau of the alleged victim to convince Kaalan to confess the alleged sexual assault. 

Credit: Mobz_Word on Instagram

The last transcript allegedly has the boyfriend of the alleged victim informing detectives that his girlfriend “really liked,” Kaalan and his music. 

Credit: Mobz_World on Instagram

The “SuperFly” actor also took to Instagram, stating that he will be doing a sit-down interview with one of the biggest vloggers in a three-part section. KR Walker alludes that he will also provide receipts to coerce against the sexual assault allegations set against him.

Credit: Kaalan Walker’s Instagram (@privatevybe)

This week will be quite interesting, to say the least.