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Cordae To Partner With ESPN and Disney to Fund Scholarships



Hip Hop Superstar Cordae is partnering with Disney and ESPN to give out scholarships to the younger generation who are looking to go to historically Black colleges and universities. Cordae has been on the rise in the music industry since he started focusing on his rap career in 2018. Since then, he has released hits left and right, truly making a name for himself in the industry. However, on top of his dope music, he is an incredible person. Understanding that other people need the money more than him, Cordae has decided to use the proceeds that he has made from the new album he is featured on titled Liberated / Music For The Movement Volume 3 to give to those who do not have enough for college. The album is a bunch of songs that are a celebration for what is truly important in life. That could be family, friends, jobs, and so much more. The music explains that we should look at the good in life. Cordae is featured on a track with Grammy Nominated artist, Common, titled “What’s Life”. Cordae sees this as an opportunity to do good in the community. Considering he is living out his dream, he wants those who cannot afford it to be able to live out theirs. 

Cordae explained in a statement released the other day, “So many people need the money more than I do. I feel as though when you’re in such a blessed position, it’s important to pay that forward to be a blessing to others.” He went on to explain that, “It’s especially important to me to invest in our youth and the future. Young people are the future of our society and the world, so we must do all we can to ensure they are properly positioned to succeed. If I can spark the brain of a few future world leaders and geniuses, I’ll die a happy man.” When The Undefeated at ESPN and Disney Dreamers Academy heard about Cordae’s act of kindness, they decided to match his donations. Cordae is setting the best example as an artist who is making the change in our world. He is using his success to help others and making sure they get to live out their dreams just like he is. 

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