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Isaiah Rashad Announces Second Single in ‘The House is Burning’ Rollout

Isaiah Rashad Announces Second Single in ‘The House is Burning’ Rollout



Shot by Erica Hernandez for The Fader

If we needed further confirmation that the gears over at Top Dawg Entertainment have begun rotating, look no further than the announcement that we will be getting the second single in Isaiah Rashad’s rollout this Friday. “Headshots (4r Da Locals)” is scheduled to be released on June 18th and will serve as the next fallen domino in the rollout for Isaiah Rashad’s inbound album titled The House is Burning. In an interview with The Fader Isaiah Rashad confirmed that his album will be out before June is over and with June 18th now taken with the release of this upcoming single, all signs point to June 25th as the release date for the full album.

A June 25th release date hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, however, with all the facts that have been provided thus far, barring any pushing back or surprise releases on any other day but a Friday, June 25th is the most logical assumption. However, it’s important to recognize that all we have thus far is assumptions and with Top Dawg Entertainment artists nothing is official until it is official.

With fans excited for their next sample of Isaiah Rashad’s The House is Burning coming this Friday, the rollout is still young with just two singles being released and vague answers around a release date being given. Many dominoes are still left standing with official confirmation of a release date for the full project, a tracklist, and cover art still being left as pieces behind the curtain. However, with the days in June starting to run out, expect those dominoes to fall sooner rather than later.