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Culture III: Gaining Praise from Mega Music Genius Jay-Z



With the release of the highly anticipated album Culture III from Migos, they are declaring it to be the album of the summer and maybe even the year. After three years of waiting, Migos is finally giving fans and the music industry what they have been waiting for. It was only a matter of time until they dropped new music, let alone an album. After releasing the jam packed and star-studded album with features such as Cardi B and Justin Bieber, people all over have been listening to the album and have not stopped. Gaining lots of attraction for their new album was bound to happen but Migos gained attention from a big name in the industry: Jay-Z. 

Getting praise from the one and only Jay-Z must feel so good after taking three years to perfect an album that everyone has been waiting for. When Jay-Z reaches out to an artist, that artist should know that Jay-Z is a fan. According to a screenshot of a text exchange between Quavo and Jay-Z, Hov expressed his excitement for the album and said, “That Avalanche song is beautiful”. He went on to congratulate Quavo on the album, showing his excitement towards the group. From a recent interview with Complex, Quavo told them that he believes this album will be the greatest of summer 2021 and will have the ability to open lots of cities up again. With respect from one of the greatest, Jay-Z, do you think that Migos has the ability to get cities excited to open up again? From this jam-packed album, it could be the album of the summer but also a reason cities start opening. 

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