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Shamari DeVoe & Nivea Speaks Out On New BET Reality Unscripted Show



Still from “BET Presents The Encore” (Photo: BET)

Are Some Things Better Left in the Past? BET Puts the question to the test with their new show “The Encore”. 9 Stars, from girl groups of the past come together to bring us something new.

BET debuted their new show “The Encore,”  where nine females from top R&B girl groups unite to form a “Super Group” in 30 days. Stationed in a mansion, they will work on vocals, choreography, and an album. But can they work together in harmony and sisterhood? The challenges they face are: age gaps, vocal compatibility, and strong attitudes. This has been said to be their second chance at fame. But the road to success won’t be easy…

Meet the cast: Fallon and Felisha King, former members of the 2000s group Cherish. Aubrey O’Day of Danity Kane. Shamari DeVoe of the group Blaque, Irish Grinstead and LeMisha Fields of 702, Pamela Long from the group Total, Kiely Williams from 3LW, and Nivea (solo artist).

MusicXclusives’ very own Tabitha Williams sat with Irish and LeMisha to unpack some of the drama that was exposed in episode one. Fallon and Felisha came for the ladies by calling them “aunties” and stating that the singing group looked like it was for the “geriatrics.” LeMisha stated that 702 has had success in achieving what few female groups have been able to accomplish. 702’s debut album was certified Gold and their second album went Platinum. Irish, said the ladies “…need to learn class and humility.” Together, they agreed in sentiment that they know who they are while others still may have something to prove. With entertainment at every turn, the ladies share there is more to see.

In a joint interview with Shamari DeVoe and Nivea, MusicXclusives delved into topics such as what vocal role the two songstresses would play in the group. While other cast mates clawed their way to be the lead vocalists; both Shamari and Nivea wanted to be supportive, by singing background. They stated, “I know what its like to sing lead, I’m cool playing whatever role is needed.” From the two ladies, we learned that disputes in the mansion would be settled by a “Queen’s Court”; where a queen would be selected by democratic election.

Still from “BET Presents The Encore” (Photo: BET)

Outside of the happenings within the mansion, we learned that Nivea is single and looking for the right person to love. In our exclusive interview she details some of the qualities she needs in a partner. Shamari Devoe, dishes on an on-going venture that she and her husband Ronnie DeVoe, (singer from New Edition and BellBivDeVoe) have developed. Together, the ladies share whether or not new music from each is on the horizon.

Watch the interviews below.

Tabitha Williams Interviews Irish Grinstead & LeMisha Fields of 702 for BET Presents: The Encore Press Junket
Tabitha Williams Interviews Shamari DeVoe of Blque & Nivea for BET Presents: The Encore Press Junket

Don’t miss out on all the drama and entertainment. Tune in to “The Encore” Wednesday nights at 10pm on BET

Written By: Tabitha C. Williams

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