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H.E.R. Reveals Cover Art, Release Date For New Album ‘Back Of My Mind’



Ever since popping on the scene in 2016 (or re-emerging for those that remember when she was going by her government name Gabi Wilson), H.E.R. has made a huge impression on the music industry and fans alike. After spending the last five years releasing EPs, the 23 year-old is ready to reveal everything on her official upcoming debut album Back Of My Mind.

H.E.R. made the announcement via her social medias that the new album will be released via MBK Entertainment/RCA Records on next Friday, June 18th.

“People always ask me, what’s the message? Where does, where does this come from? Is it personal experience? And it’s always the thoughts that sit in the back of my mind,” says the GRAMMY and Oscar-award winner in the promo clip.

“It’s always things that I’ve been through, things that I go through or that I feel and all those thoughts that I think I’m afraid to say sometimes — or that we’re afraid to say — things that feel too honest or too vulnerable, or too emotional or too aggressive. It’s all of those things that have been in the back of my mind for the past few years, since my first project. It’s like a peek into my soul.”

To celebrate the news, H.E.R. dropped a new track, the album opener and motivating “We Made It” produced by DJ Camper.

Back Of My Mind is preceded by the singles “Damage” and “Come Through” featuring Chris Brown.