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Azealia Banks Accuses Megan The Stallion Of ‘Lying’ About Tory Lanez Situation; Roasts Nicki Minaj



Azealia Banks finds herself back in the spotlight and once again, not for her music. Banks took to Instagram this morning sharing her thoughts on the ‘Circles’ Rapper Megan The Stallion and the ‘Queen Of Rap’ Nicki Minaj on her story.

Banks screenshotted a post from a Twitter user who said Banks could’ve been the “contemporary version” of Nicki Minaj which did not sit well with the ‘Anna Wintour’ rapper. Banks responded to the fan in her Instagram story, saying Minaj has been “canceled” since her infamous Roman Holiday performance back in 2012 at the Grammy Awards.

She then proceeds to share her thoughts on Megan and the shooting allegations, accusing the ‘Hot Girl’ of “lying” about the shooting allegations to “gain sympathy” from the public and “capitalize” on the current “Protect Black Women” narrative, even stating she feels she used the Breonna Taylor situation to her advantage fuel her debut album Good News. Whew, that’s a strong claim.

You can read more of Banks rant below courtesy of HipHopDX

In the midst of this, Minaj is gearing up for her collaboration song with Polo G called ‘For The Love Of New York’ which will premiere on Polo’s album Hall Of Fame on Friday. Megan is also gearing up for her new single called ‘Thot Sh*T” releasing the same day and currently is heading into the BET Awards with seven nominations under her belt, including Album Of The Year and Best Female Hip Hop Artist.

Do you think Nicki or Megan will respond?