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JAY-Z Reflects on DMX’s Legacy: Boycotting the 1999 Grammys



With the death of DMX still lingering around artists in the hip hop community, JAY-Z takes time to reflect on the impact that DMX had on him. JAY-Z recently appeared on The Shop: Uninterrupted and talked about his relationship towards DMX. DMX’s impact was so large to JAY-Z that JAY-Z even boycotted the 1999 Grammy Awards when DMX was not nominated for any awards, especially after having a killer year. DMX had two number one albums that year yet was snubbed a nomination. JAY-Z ended up winning Best Rap Album, his first Grammy win ever, and was not there to collect it because he felt like DMX should have been nominated for his talent and huge breakout year.

JAY-Z explains in the interview with Lebron James and Maverick Carter that although X was always competitive towards JAY-Z, it was nothing but love between the two. There was such a good relationship that JAY-Z missed his first Grammy win to stand up for X and let everyone know that he should have been nominated. The relationship between X and JAY-Z started when they met battling in the Bronx. X always wanted to one up JAY-Z and even appeared at one of his shows getting on stage and asking for JAY-Z. He was passionate about his music and always wanted to improve his skill. By hanging with JAY-Z, X knew that he was going to get better but ended up building a friendship that will last forever. JAY-Z recounts another memory of X when they all went on tour together before rap tours were popular. He watched a few other artists go on before him and saw the stadium getting louder and louder. However, as soon as X walked onto the stage, JAY-Z recounts the stadium was shaking, representing the impact X was making on the music world. 

Boycotting the Grammys in 1999 is just a small time that JAY-Z can remember that has impacted the legacy that X left. JAY-Z explained that X made him a better performer. He has shown that through X’s performances, it made him a better rapper, performer, and witness greatness. Although X has recently passed away, his legacy is impacting the community more and more each day. 

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