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BROCKHAMPTON Releases Deluxe Version of Album: One of the Last



This Friday, BROCKHAMPTON has released a ‘Plus Pack’ to their album “ROAD RUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE”. Known as the self-described boy band, BROCKHAMPTON has always looked to redefine themselves as a “different” boyband. With lots of creativity and talented members, they have been releasing music together since 2016. Over the years, they have released a countless number of albums, popular songs, and have had fun making the music together. However, Kevin Abstract, leader of the band, had tweeted a few weeks ago that there will be one more album after this one and then that will be the end of BROCKHAMPTON. Although together they created some fire music, Abstract explained that they are all getting older and looking to other projects whether that be alone or outside of the band. 

With new releases by many different artists being dropped every Friday, BROCKHAMPTON dropped the deluxe version of “ROAD RUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE” adding a PLUS PACK to the end of the title. Included in that are four new songs that were not on the original album. Those include “JEREMIAH (Original)”, “JEREMIAH – RMX”, “SEX”, and “PRESSURE / BOW WOW (ft. ssgkobe)”. With their signature style, these songs are four of many hits that they have released over the years. As Complex started to pick their best albums of the year, BROCKHAMPTON was added as number 26, being noted that their most recent album “ROADRUNNER: NEW LIGHT, NEW MACHINE” presented a new ability to show urgency in their songs. On top of that, they decided to feature artists like A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky, and more. Awaiting the last album before BROCKHAMPTON goes their separate ways, Kevin Abstract said that they will be dropping some hot singles over the summer. Although they are coming to an end, they are releasing music that represents who the band is and showcases their immense talent. 

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