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The Rise of Superstar Tierra Whack



Starting out as a freestyle rapper named Dizzle Dizz in the heart of North Philadelphia, Tierra Whack has truly made a name for herself in the music world. Growing up in North Philadelphia, Whack developed a love for rhyming as a young child, pushing her to continue pursuing rhymes and lyrics that would eventually translate into her music. In 2011, Tierra’s mother encouraged her to join a freestyle group in Philadelphia called ‘We Run the Streets’. Still a young teenager, Whack started to gain attention and popularity based on her creativity and talent. However, she knew that she was not going to make anything being a freestyler in Philadelphia. 

Whack’s family moved to Atlanta for her last year of high school, forcing her to push her alter ego aside and work in something other than music. Whack worked as a car wash in Atlanta, helping her save up enough money to buy a computer. With that computer, Whack had created two years’ worth of talent. She stayed quiet while in Atlanta in order to ever want to go back to music again. However, when she returned to Philadelphia and left her family in Atlanta, she knew that moving back home would be the best option in order to push start her music career once again. 

Although having gained notoriety in 2011, Whack’s career truly began in 2015 and still remains present and popular today. When she moved back to Philadelphia in 2015, she connected with a producer who helped her make even more music and do it with ease. In 2017, she signed with Interscope Records. Her debut was made in March of 2017 with 3 songs being released to skyrocket her career. Her fame continued to build and build, recognizing her creativity, lyrics, and crazy music videos. In October of 2017, Whack released “Mumbo Jumbo”, a song with mumbled lyrics and with a music video that represented the creative and crazed side of Tierra Whack. However, people were intrigued and in awe of her creativity. She was dubbed the Missy Elliot of this generation, even getting recognized at the 2019 Grammy Awards when “Mumbo Jumbo”  was nominated for Best Music Video. Her ability to go outside of the norm and create music that is unlike other artists is what makes her so talented in today’s music scene. Her album “Whack World” featured 15 songs that were all one minute long and each of them had a music video to go with it.

Her popularity is what the female music world needs. Women are constantly undermined in the music industry. However, with female rappers shining through on the charts, Tierra Whack is continuing to make women artists important. Her style is unlike no other artist, giving her popularity that is well deserved and continues to race through the music industry with ease and style. 

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