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Meek Mill Slams Blogs For Only Posting ‘Goofy Sh*T’ About Him



Meek Mill, Eric Riddick

Looks like the DreamChasers artist is fed up and once again, taking his frustrations to social media. Meek Mill, to say the least, has been the bud of many jokes and memes this past decade, from his feud with Drake and 6ix9ine to being the center of public embarrassment following his breakup with Nicki Minaj. While the Philadelphia-born native has been dragged on social media for quite sometime, the Dreams and Nightmares rapper took to social media yesterday voicing his frustrations of blog sites not reporting the good samaritan acts he’s done, but instead the public feuds and controversy he finds himself apart of.

This weekend, the co-founder of the REFORM Alliance took to twitter to share how he helped free an innocent man named Eric Riddick, who was wrongly convicted in 1992 for allegedly murdering his childhood friend William Catlett one year prior, and shares how he feels blogs decided to not cover this important matter but will cover the silly matters he’s apart of.

Do you agree with Meek Mill that blogs tend to cover the silly drama vs. the important issues and situations that celebrities are apart of?