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El Jubo Taps Don Kevo For New “H.Y.F.” Visual



Virginia recording artist El Jubo and his latest project, Arbitrary 3, have become hot commodities with the help of his collaboration with superproducer, Zaytoven. Today, Jubo taps Don Kevo for the release of the latest project’s new visual for the track. “H.Y.F.” Shot for “How You Feel,” directed by DeddyMoBucks, the music video captures the rising rockstar’s carefree attitude while simultaneously encouraging others to model the same. Filmed in wooded terrain, the Virginia native successfully paints the picture of tranquility and peace found when you embrace things for what they are.

El Jubo on “H.Y.F.” concept:
“Time waits for no man. No matter if things are amazing or not so good, you just can’t sit. You have to keep moving forward. Whatever you’re going through in life, keep going!”

“H.Y.F.” is one of the standout cuts in El Jubo’s latest effort. While Arbitrary 3 is best known for its feature with Zaytoven, the 21-track project is litter with great songs like “Star,” “Sticks” and “Reborn.” Arbitrary 3 is available now via Star Light Records. For more on El Jubo, follow him daily on Instagram.

Watch the new visual for “H.Y.F.” below.

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