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Lil Baby & Lil Durk’s Collab Album ‘Voice of the Hero’s’ Drops June 4th



Image Taken from Lil Durk’s “Finesse Out The Gang Way” Music Video

After months of speculation, Hip-Hop fans finally have a release date carved in stone for one of the most anticipated collab albums of the year. Lil Baby and Lil Durk announced Sunday that their collab album titled, Voice of the Hero’s is finished with both artists tweeting identical tweets verbatim. Additionally, the pair also confirmed a release date of June 4th for the project.

As mentioned before, this project may be one of the most highly anticipated collab albums of the year to date with rumors beginning to swirl about the project’s existence in early 2021. With the critical acclaim Lil Baby’s March 2020 project, My Turn received throughout the year and Lil Durk’s rise amongst the Hip-Hop ranks starting with his appearance on Drake’s 2020 single, “Laugh Now, Cry Later” along with the success of his December project The Voice both artists were able to exponentially elevate their status. Factoring in the immense success I just mentioned from both artists, a combining of two of the hottest Hip-Hop powers is a headline that would set the world on fire in any year.

Now fans must wait to see what the direction of Voice of the Hero’s will be. However, with June 4th right around the corner, fans should expect to get some answers sooner rather than later. One thing I will say is based on the success of Lil Durk’s “Finesse Out The Gang Way,” which features Lil Baby and appears on Durk’s The Voice (Deluxe) fans should expect an album that gets the summer of 2021 started with a bang!