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Euro Gotit 4REIGN 4EVER



Euro Gotit has always been a key player in the Atlanta hip hop scene. The southern rapper hasn’t always had it easy. He was incarcerated and facing two life sentences in 2012. Since his release, Euro has made quite a name for himself. The Atlanta artist has landed himself high profile features from Lil Baby, Gunna, YFN Lucci, and ofcourse his label mate and friend Foogiano who is currently incarcerated. In 2021 alone he’s dropped several singles, done numerous features, as well as an EP titled Foreign Affairs with producer Street Symphony.

He’s showing no sign of slowing down, dropping his latest project 4REIGN 4EVER. When I asked about the title of the project, Euro realized something. “When I was locked up, I was already known as Euro and I had a thing for designer. I used to take designer logos and switch the names. Like if it was something with two G’s I might something like Guap Getters or something like that. So the Fendi sign I put in forever. I was locked up I had no idea that was going to be my project name. The weird part about it is that I’m realizing that right now as we speak. That shit weird.”

4REIGN 4EVER, contains some high profile features including Roddy Ricch, DaBaby, and Atlanta’s own Future. Take Off is the highly anticipated single off the project, with snippets from the studio session going viral on the internet.

We linked up with Euro Gotit in Atlanta to talk about 4REIGN 4EVER, his friendship with Foogiano, changing as a person and artist, and growing up in Atlanta. Check out our interview with Euro Gotit below and be sure to stream 4REIGN 4EVER.

Free Foogiano, what are some of your favorite memories of working with him?

I think my favorite memory of Foogiano was the first time I ever encountered him. He knew he was a star. Right when I met him he made me believe right then and there. I’ll never forget, he stepped on stage and I’m standing off to the side. The first thing he did when he came on stage, he pointed at me and the music dropped. When it dropped, we locked eyes and when he dropped his hand, he went off. It was crazy. even in the midst of me getting booked, I was telling people like because our don’t so hard, I was telling you, listen, I know what you pay. It’s like I ain’t got no hate in me, so it’s seeing the shine, I just want to be a part of the fact that it happened. I told them straight up, hey, look, Im not gonna lie. You need to get this nigga piped up. He ain’t had no followers or nothing like that. That was like my favorite memory, when he pointed, it was like he knew that it was his time. It was undeniable when the music dropped, He won hands down. It’s no surprise to see the status that he’s at now. It wasn’t hard to see that coming. He makes you believe that he’s a star. It’s always been love, every time we’re around each other.

Tell us about your new project?

The project is called 4REIGN 4EVER. It has a weird meaning to it. When I was locked up, I was already known as Euro and I had a thing for designer. I used to take designer logos and switch the names. Like if it was something with two G’s I might something like Guap Getters or something like that. So the Fendi sign I put in forever. I was locked up I had no idea that was going to be my project name. The weird part about it is that I’m realizing that right now as we speak. That shit weird. I remember that I used to write about it a lot. Taking all the initials and switching the words. Making my own shit out of it. Looking back that was like 2012/2013. I was writing my future tape name. What’s super crazy is that I actually got locked up listening to Future. It’s weird to say this. I was on a police chase and I was listening to ‘Homicide’ by Future featuring Snoop Dogg.

Is there anything on the project that fans would be surprised by or be excited for?

I got 2 for fact outside of Future that’s super features. The project in itself is going to do what it’s supposed to do. I definitely trust it. I’m one of the best rappers out here for real. I think with the features on it, it’s just really going to just help captivate people ears. I locked in with a lot of superstars. Seeing things come full circle is crazy.

What was it like growing up on the west side of Atlanta?

It was cool, honestly I ended up on the east side mainly, but I never left the West. When things started looking up for me and my family, my dad took us out there. It wasn’t super nice, but it was where the well off black people were. We was over there, but I didn’t grow up over there. I had my friends in the neighborhood, but I always was in the west side. I went to school on the west side, product of the environment and the area.

You spent some time in jail yourself and at one point were facing two life sentences. What was that like?

Hard to say, but I hate to say it was necessary. It was a turning point in my life. When I got out, I didn’t second guess the fact that God gave me another opportunity. It was a no brainer. Knowing the circumstances and the odds were stacked against me. I didn’t tell on nobody. It was traumatic but I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t happened. That was my hard core way of going to college and then coming home, graduating, struggling and going to grad school in a sense. And then you graduate while I got the job. It’s about where you land, not where you start. I land on my feet every time.

Congrats on the release of your other project Foreign Affairs. Why did you choose to collab with Street Symphony?

A lot of the hits really feed off energy. The producer and the artist got to have good chemistry and a relationship. Street Symphony, he’s been nominated nine times, he’s won two Grammys. He’s got a crazy track record. The fact that even at his status, he took a liking to me as an upcoming artist. You got to take advantage of those moments because they’re very rare. We locked in and he brought the idea to me. He was like bro I got an idea, Euro I love your sound, I love the way you work. I got some ideas that we can take around the world. It’s weird because the way my brain work, it was like the first five beats he pulled up I jumped on, and that was the project. So we did the project really in a day.

Is there a song off the project that you enjoyed working on the most?

I like them all because they they all came from different vibes and different part of world. Desperado gave that fun Spanish vibe, Arabian Nights everybody know my favorite place in the world is Abu Dhabi and Dubai. I love the Middle East. Then we got Plug Talk which is personally my favorite, because that’s just me and my energy anyway. Bag Pipes go crazy that one is so commercial, the last one is Throwback and of course we all want to see twerking. There’s a mix of flavors in there.

What’s changed for you since your last project?

Some bad situations, but there’s no such thing as a bad situation. You learn something from it. I went through what a lot of people consider bad situations, but I learned some of the best lessons in my business. Learning myself, picking out my flaws and stuff, realizing I’m going stand for this, I’m not going to take that. A lot has helped, but it was a trying situation. Once I realized it was for the better, it was all worth it because now we at this moment where interviews like this are super exclusive when things catapult.

If you could only listen to one album or artist for the rest of your life, which one would you pick?

I feel like I can lowkey say Bob Marley. Even though I doubt that, but I do. Even as a kid listening to Bob, I really used to get all kinds of feelings listening to him. I felt gangsta listening to some songs and it was still positive, I felt in love listening to others, heartbroken on some. I felt a wide range of emotions.

Are there any young or new artists from Atlanta that you’re excited for?

I ain’t gonna lie i’m excited for all of them. I stay in my own lane not in a conceited manner, but more so it’s like every person really is their own team in a sense. So if I don’t play on your team, why am I even hating on you, I don’t even know you. I just want you to win, like I’m trying to win. I think Nipsey put it the best way when he said, it’s not a race is a marathon. Can’t nobody lose, you only lose if you stop in a marathon. I don’t know, i’m fucking with all of them.

That’s what I love about Atlanta. It seems like most just show love to each other. There’s not a lot of animosity between artists who may be at a certain level or not. Everyone’s just trying to get it and make great music together, build their careers.

That’s the best way to see it. If you pay attention to it, the ones who are showing love, who’s open to working, the positive ones are the ones that’s winning. There’s a lot of hate, but you can’t see them because they ain’t up. That might be why they hating, but a lot of them was hating before they got up, so they never got up. The ones who understand, it’s about reaching out. You may not like a person or an area, but this is what the people want, this is going to get us paid, let’s link. Let’s do what we got to do. Me I’m trying to be part of the ones that’s winning. The ones that are winning, ain’t hating. So why would I.

What is something that you’re excited for in 2021.

Being alive and seeing what’s about to manifest. It’s a lot. I feel like last year a lot went on. It was like a pretty big storm last year, so I feel like it’s time for the sun come out. Just being alive right now is the main thing. There’s a lot in store, I want to be here to reap it thats all.