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YOU’RE FIRED! Joe Budden Fires Co-Host Rory While On-Air



Violence was chosen this morning as Joe Budden decided to fire his co-hosts Rory and Mal on the 437 episode of the Joe Budden Podcast. Back in March, the trio faced friction amongst the group, with Rory and Mal going on strike. The two podcasters rejoined Budden on April 28th, with the podcast’s official Twitter account sharing a tweet with all 3 podcasters pictured together promoting a forthcoming episode.

Looks like the peace couldn’t be kept for too long as Joe Budden tweeted this morning “Helluva run!! God Bless” and then quote tweeting fans who shared their disappointment in the retired rapper.

After uploading the episode this morning, Budden decided to quickly take down the recording. It didn’t take too long as fans were able to recorded the episode and share the recording where you hear the 40-year-old rapper fire his co-host Rory on the spot after berating him and Mal.

While Rory and Mal have yet to comment on the situation, The Breakfast Club shared their thoughts on the situation, leaving the hosts confused and in shock at how Budden spoke to his co-hosts.

DJ Envy commented on the situation, stating this isn’t the way to “speak to your friends” and shared that Rory deserves an old fashioned “five minute, step out” ordeal after being disrespected.

Twitter did not wait to resurface the video of Charlemagne Tha God predicting the demise of the podcast back in 2017, stating Budden is loyal to his friends and Rory’s days would be numbered to keep his spot.

Do we want another podcast from Joe Budden? Should he have a solo podcast moving forward?