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Jay-Z Regrets “Big Pimpin” Lyrics – “What Type Of Animal Would Say This”




Many artists grow within the Hip Hop world and sometimes question some of their decisions back when they started out. Jay-Z seems to be one of those artists.

While Jay-Z recently sat with The Sunday Times last week to discuss life during the pandemic and his various business endeavors, it looks like social media decided to dig up an old interview the Hip Hop mogul did with The Wall Street Journal and presented it as new. Jay-Z daily, a twitter source for all things Jay-Z, confirmed this afternoon that while Jay-Z did state he was not a fan of his past hit single “Big Pimpin” due to the lyrics being “harsh”, it looks like the interview is actually a decade old.

In a rare interview back in 2010, Hov spoke with The Wall Street Journal about his third single off of his fourth studio album and shares that the lyrics aren’t “really profound” and opens up about the UGK assisted single:

“That’s the exception. It was like…I can’t believe I said that,” said Hov. “And kept saying it? What type of animal would say this sort of thing. Reading it is really harsh.”

While we can’t deny the success of the single and the cultural impact, some would assume to not expect this single to be performed live on a future Jay-Z tour.

You can watch the video for the 2000 smash hit single below.