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Music: DJ Khaled to Release New Project ‘Khaled’

DJ Khaled took to Instagram and Twitter, informing his followers of the release date of his 12th studio project; Khaled, Khaled which is slated for an April 30th release.



DJ Khaled is one of the most industrious artists in the industry to date. 

Since he made his debut appearance in the mid-2000’s, the legendary DJ never missed a beat. Though it has been nearly two years since is critically acclaimed album Father of Ashadreleased, DJ Khaled took to Instagram and Twitter, informing his followers of the release date of his 12th studio project; Khaled, Khaled which is slated for an April 30th release.

Nothing short of expectations, DJ Khaled unveiled a tri-shaped billboard of accomplishing his album alongside the release date. 

“Album 100% done! It’s time. I told my team lets push the button. #KhaledKhaled this Friday April 30th!

So you know I’m serious. I’m posting the cover next!!

I’m excited!! Cover next post!”

In one studded tweet, the DJ legend unveiled the cover photo of his new project. You can see Khaled kneeling down in a praying pose, alongside his sons beside him. Palm trees and an immaculate landscape.

There is no indication that Khaled, Khaled will be a star-studded album, though it is unsure of who will featured on the album. Speculations have brewed around the web, stating Drake may make an appearance after DJ Khaled released a teaser featuring the Canadian rapper; and last summer – collaborated on “Popstar” and “Greece.” 

As the anticipation arises for April 30th, DJ Khaled implied of more surprises were underway. Perhaps a track list of whose featuring on the project. In another tweet, he first wrote, “I have a gift for the world,” followed by “I can’t wait to share it with you. Let’s talk tomorrow, are you available?”

From a personal perspective, I believe artists such as: Lil Baby, Spice, the late DMX, and Chris Brown may be featured, but with DJ Khaled – you may never know what he has up his sleeve.