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Artist Spotlight: Trizzy Trav

Trizzy Trav, is an up-and-coming rapper to hail from New Jersey. Aside from his solo career, he is part of a Hip-Hop group based out of Buffalo, New York called Loyalty Life.



With the transition of Hip-Hop ranging into melodious rapping; it seems to be a rare occurrence to come across an emcee that has the authenticity of speaking metaphorically with lyrical guises as their strong suit. As you bared witness to Redman and Method Man’s Verzuz segment, it inflicted excitement, reflecting when Hip-Hop was in its most unsullied state, and yearned for this type of music to make a comeback.

There are plenty of aspiring artists on the Hip-Hop circuit that curates a lane that differs from the normalcy. However, many of these artists that attempts to become different, winds up sounding the exact same as their musical acquaintance.  As we are in a new decade, we have been blessed to have artists such as: Chance the Rapper, Rhapsody, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Baby, and the late Pop Smoke – genuine Hip-Hop lovers continues to search for new lyricists that resonates as those who came before them. Some may assume that ‘real’ Hip-Hop is deceased with no indication of being resurrected. In actuality, that is not necessarily true.

Here is an aspiring emcee that will change your perspective. 

Travis Herbert, known by the stage name Trizzy Trav, is an up-and-coming rapper to hail from New Jersey. Aside from his solo career, he is part of a Hip-Hop group based out of Buffalo, New York called Loyalty Life. 

In his youth, Trizzy was extremely timid and being unable to verbally express his thoughts – he found comfort with writing, where he recites it being therapeutic. He would become enamored by the artistry of penning down every moment of his life, whether it stem from his ominous and dour thoughts to a sentimental or uncomplicated experience. 

Trizzy’s passion of writing evolved into penning his thoughts from a lyrical perspective that would permit an instrumental to inculcate effortlessly. Inspired by Hip-Hop legends such as: Lil’ Wayne, 50 Cent, and Fabolous, Trizzy fell captive to musical artistry and begun to cultivate his craft of rapping. Storytelling from a genuine perspective was more appealing to the Jersey native, than the habitual – gun toting, materialistic type of rapping that transpired with the new generation. Each record from Trizzy will permit the listener to engage in a diversified sound – ranging between the injustice of police brutality and black lives (Ain’t Okay), the motivation to elevate self (Thought of Ambition III, and III), relationships (#1 Contender), and even records to boost confidence and to be carefree.

After his first studio session by the age of 19, Trizzy knew that music had not only ingrained in him, but that he was destined to become a lyricist on a higher plateau. In almost a span of a decade, he has dropped five (5) completed projects, and a number of singles – including a fan favorite TrizzySZN dated back in 2017. 

Currently, Trizzy Trav has dropped a number of singles in 2021 and released his critically acclaimed sixth solo project Glass Ceiling.

Take a listen to Trizzy Trav and be sure to follow him on all social media platforms.

Trizzy Trav: “Easy is, Easy Does it” ft. Ceeze G & Argeo Rain

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