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Artist Spotlight: Trooskii + “Never Let Go” Music Video



The city of Charlotte (North Carolina) is like an onion and once you peel the layers, you will fall into bewilderment. It is one of the fewest cities in the southeast that brings familiarity to those who are from the northeast or west coast. One layer produces the obvious — southern hospitality. Another layer reveals the talent that bestows in the city. Charlotte, unlike Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York is quite not as prominent. We were blessed to have the likes of KCI (Jodeci), DaBaby, Deniro Farrar, and Banknote Mitch to venture in the mainstream circuit – however, there are far more talented gems that meets the naked eye.

Trooskii; whose signature phrase is ‘OO,’ is within the underlying layers that hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. His lyrical artistry is translatable to real life situations that many can relate to; but highlighting in a more melodious and beat dropping bass for people to vibe consciously (or unconsciously) to. Trooskii’s storytelling is an infusion of non-traditional, charismatic, and emotionally captivating form of lyricism. 

Born Anthony Q. Fraizer, it was destined for him to soar beyond expectations. His penmanship and carefully cultivated production is a sheer indication of the seriousness he takes within his art. With records such as: “Bout-It-G’-Mix,” “Only Fans,” “Brake Lights,” and his latest release, “Never Let Go,” it is evident that his diversity alone will garner attention from people of all walks of life. 

Check out the visual his new single, “Never Let Go” and be sure to follow Trooskii on all social media platforms. 

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