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New Music: H20 Hadd Releases EP “Head Above Water”



H20 Hadd is making a name for himself in the Hip-Hop circuit and respectfully – he is deserving to be recognized on a higher plateau. After gaining moderate success from “Back Then,” the Alamo Records signee took the opportunity from the pandemic and focused on his new project, “Head Above Water.” 

The project demonstrates an overview of elevating from the bottom of the totem pole to the brink of success. Hadd narrates the vices of living in an impoverished community, including so-called friends who attempted to set him up, witnessing his true friends go to jail; and allegedly living in the streets at one point in time. However, Hadd embodies resilience and faith to overcome each challenge that comes his way, thus; being adorned as the narrator in the city of Brotherly Love. 

“Head Above Water” can be considered as a blueprint of trials and tribulations that is formulated in a falsetto verbiage, in a storytelling sense [take a listen to Message 2 Tha HoodProve It]. In correlation, it could be easily compared to Roddy Rich’s lyrical guise – but in H20’s own lane. 

In the eight-record project, H20 Hadd reminds the true music lovers that Hip-Hop has not been deceased. His lyrical content will make you sit back, dissect each bar, and wind up astonished of his techniques. Each record requires to listen more than once and quite frequently at that. 

There are a few features such as: 2rare, Slimelife Shawty, and Chino Cappin’. 

Head Above Water,” is currently available on streaming platforms:

H20 Hadd ft. 2Rare – All Night

H20 Hadd on Instagram