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New Album: Stash Cash “Vibe With Me II”



Stash Cash released his critically acclaimed follow up album, “Vibe With Me 2,” just a few days ago. Showcasing his lyrical prominence and growth as a musical artist, the Harlem bred emcee infuses different genres to acquire people from all walks of life to relate to his music. 

Being influenced by Hip-Hop Tycoon, Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson – Stash Cash utilized the benefits of being confined during the global pandemic, to hone his skills and produce an album that signifies growth and different transitions of life. 

Recently inking a reputable management company, JJ Public Relations and his resplendent talent– it is slated that Stash Cash is preparing to break barriers in the music realm. 

“Vibe With Me 2,” is a follow up from his first installment, “Vibe With Me,” which acquired more of a vulnerable space of allowing him to express a the grieving stages of heartbreak. The second installment is more of redemption and defying the odds. 

The 8-track EP is a sheer reminder of the essence of transitions. One moment, you are in a realm of being mellow whilst another track would take you into a realm of motivation. It is evident that Stash Cash took his time to cultivate each record of distinction. “Vibe With Me 2,” is definitely a banger no matter what genre you listen to. The project has a few collaborative features such as: Jordan Fiction, Lenice Raquel, and R.A.M. Rah. 

Vibe With Me 2,” is available on all streaming platforms.