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Too Much Beat Box?



Whether you’re a fan of hip hop, pop, or spend to much time on Tik Tok, it’s impossible for you to not have heard Florida rapper SpotemGottem’s song Beat Box. Lyrics like “Thuggin’ in my Reebok’s, riding with a G-SHOCK
Shh- I heard he shot, Draco make a beat box”, draw you in immediately. Although the song currently stands at 23 million views on youtube (BeatBox 2 at 30 million) and 13 million streams on Spotify, it isn’t the song itself that made the track so viral. The main reason for the songs rise is the #JunebugChallenge. Created by New York dancer June Bug @juneelite. In December 2020 the video only had 2 million views, but by January 2021 it had racked up 14 million. The first time we see the #JuneBugChallenge posted is on December 23, 2020. Currently, the JuneBugChallenge has generated 247.5K videos on Tik Tok. The challenge/song has been cosigned by many big names such as Kevin Heart, Lil Baby, Michael Rubin, Chance The Rapper, Cam Newton, Saweetie, Lebron James, Swae Lee, and more. The challenge became so big that it even made it to the prison system. In February 2021, NYC Casanova received disciplinary actions at the Westchester County Jail for doing the challenge during a video visit (videos and pictures cannot be taken during visits). Since the rise of the song, we have seen many rappers doing their own takes over the BeatBox instrumental. Major artists like DaBaby, Polo G, Lil Yachty, and more have now dropped their own remixes to the track. Who do you think has the best Beat Box remix?

Polo G

Lil Yachty



Lil Eazzyy


Bizzy Banks

Cdot Honcho

Edot Baby

Deante Hitchcock


Bankroll Buna