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Tazzo B Is The Prince Of Drill



Tazzo B is one of the youngest drill rappers in the game. At only 17, he’s already been leading the genre for a few years now. With quick witted bars and an abundance of energy, Tazzo B has been dominating Brooklyn with tracks like Brims In The Spot, Response, and my personal favorite 6 Foot 7 Foot remix. Consistently collaborating with fellow 2605 members like 26AR and Rocko Ballin, and the cities hottest producers A Lau and ELI WTF, Tazzo is on the fast track to success. Music Xclusives sat down with Tazzo B recently to talk about new music, 2605, and what 2021 has in store for him.

Where’d you get name from?

I got my name from my older brother, his name Tazzo too.

When did you start rapping?

I started rapping about like 2-3 years ago

How old are you now? 


Do you feel NYC has effected your sound?

I mean, I don’t think it really effected my sound. Everybody’s trying to go one way with something, i’m tryna be over here. I’m not tryna be with anybody. I got my own sound.

When did you first hear drill music and when did you decide this was the route that you wanted to go music wise?

I think it was Brims In The Spot man. It’s at a mil right now on YouTube. Everybody just liked that shit. We dropped that shit and it went crazy. I was like, fuck it. At first the shit wasn’t serious, we were just dropping music. Then we seen n****s was liking that shit, so we started talking it serious.

How did you link up with Rocko Ballin, 26AR, and the rest of 2605? 

I was always around them since we were young, we always knew each other type shit. Even before AR got locked up type shit. I was always there, those my mans. With them all the time know what i’m sayin.

What does 2605 mean to you?

Can’t even explain. Thats Us! Graa! 

When did you start listening to London producers and start collaborating with guys like Axl?

It was just on some regular, yo we needed beats, lets go on YouTube and look it up type shit. So, like, we would look up Axl Beats. We use to do them shits. Now, we met A Lau and shit, y’know. Thats my guy, Eli, AYO ELI WTF!, Cyrus.

When did you start working with the guys at off record?

I think it was last year, or two years go? It was sometime around this time; but I remember AR came back home he said, “Ayo bro, A Lau said lets work with him”. I said, “Who’s A Lau?”. “He work with the guys bro, he made some heat” I’m like, “Yea Aii, ai, we gonna check him out”

We checked him out, it was cool. A Lau a cool n****, thats my guy. He was like “ai ai, yo we gonna work, like, really work.” I’m Like “Iight I’m with that” and the rest is history.

Do you think. We’ll get. Response pt.4

I don’t know, ima keep it a secret for now though.

I feel like every few weeks you’re dropping a new single or music videos, are you planning on dropping a new project this year?

I’m hoping by the summer time. Dang I already implicated something! I’m hoping by the summer time, I do drop. I’m trying to get stuff together for the project. What I’m about to do is take all my old music, which is all over the place, and put into one thing. It’s not gonna be a new project, it’s just something to put more music out there. Once thats done and I get my shit situated then I’m going to a work on getting my next fuckin album done. Hopefully that shit be fire.

What producers have you been mostly working with?

I’m with A Lau, Eli, and Cyrus all day man. If you gonna catch me, you gonna catch me with them.

When can we expect the next single from Tazzo B?

Very soon. I don’t think you’re going to see this interview for a minute but my next song is coming sooner than you think, matter a fact, it already dropped.

What can we expect from 2021 for Tazzo B?

Whole lotta shit man, we goin up, we gon be lit on bro.


Interview by Calvin Schneider