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Trina’s New R&B Protégé Nia Amber



Florida is going through an interesting phase musically, we’ve been churning out some dope artists like Kodak Black, Rick Ross, XXXtentacion, Trina, Rod Wave, and countless others. It would be totally disrespectful not to pay homage to Uncle Luke and the 69 Boys because they put the spotlight on Florida in the first place. We have some talented singers here as well it’s just taking a while for our R&B artists to gain some traction like our hip-hop artists. I got a chance to chop it up with Trina’s R&B artist Nia Amber.

For those who are unfamiliar with Nia, she’s a Miami, Florida native. This girl is a classically trained dancer who’s a vocal powerhouse. Which is so refreshing because some of these none singing chicks who can’t dance or sing but call themselves entertainers is blasphemous. To see someone who’s passionate about their craft in every aspect is commendable. You know a singer can really sing if they can perform “His Eye is On A Sparrow”, it’s a hard song to sing. There are certain parts of the song where the singers’ voice can crack if they’re not careful. The way she bodies this song will make any elder in this church throw her prayer cloth in praise!

Check out her Instagram @iamniaamber where she performs a melody of hits daily. Check out her single “Swing My Way”. This is a song has all the nostalgic vibes of nineties R&B with a twist, the SWV influence is there but it has a new school twist. When you’re listening to this song, imagine seeing a fine dark-skinned brother with some pearly whites while riding with your homegirls.

That’s what I think of while listening to this and I’m ready for zaddy to slide my way to be my bae. “Bag” ft Briana Perry is the motivational song you need to get you through your day-to-day. Working a 9-5 is stressful and school is just as difficult but remember what you’re doing it for. This turn-up motivational song should definitely be on your playlist to help you keep your eye on the prize! “No More” is the track where you need to get wine drunk while ripping up your ex’s pictures. It’s a perfect mix of “in your feelings” but forget them. Now, that description might sound odd but we live in toxic times where people encourage toxic behavior. It’s rare when people chose themselves and this is the track where it gives you the strength to leave.

Stay tuned for her next show “A Night with Nia” which includes a performance of all her singles and her new single “DA”. The only hint she dropped about this single is that it’s really risqué.  Tried to pull more info out of her but she wants to build up the anticipation for this single which is fine with us right? Follow her on Instagram at @iamniaamber or Youtube at Nia Amber.

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