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New Video : @BrookeLugoSmith – ‘ Pick Up Your Crown ‘



Brooke Lugo Smith is back and better than ever with the release of her latest single ‘Pick Up Your Crown’. The singer/songwriter is ready to step out into the spotlight all on her own after making a name for herself behind the scenes. The NY native who sites Salt N Pepa , Jodeci , TLC , En Vogue & Missy Elliott as some of her earlier influences was destined to be a singer after her first performance at the tender age of 3. Her passion for music continued to grow which resulted in her attending the prestigious LaGuardia Hight School of performing arts (FAME). The years of priceless training at the specialized school helped her to develop her craft in ways she never imagined and within time the opportunities as a performer slowly but surely made her dreams become real.

Over the years Brooke’s journey as an artist continued to grow while being in girl groups , but the demand for her work as a vocal producer and songwriter was even greater. Some of her many collaborations include artist such as Treach of Naughty By Nature , Fanny Pack , Farrah Franklin (formerly of Destinys child) , Truck Turner and Smooth Da Hustler. Now if that wasn’t enough , her musical contributions landed placements all over tv , film and in commercials for Nintendo’s Gameboy Micro, Old Navy, Edy’s Ice Cream, the Adam Sandler movie,’I Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry’ and the Disney film ‘Stick It’. With all this success behind the scenes she also started to make a name for herself as tv personality while being featured on The Tyra Banks Show , Maury Povich Show , TLC ‘Four Weddings’ , GSN ‘The Newlywed Gameshow’ , The Big C on Showtime , Oxygen’s ‘My Big Fat Revenge’ and TLC’s ‘Hidden Treasure’. The notable recognition was just proof that Brooke had what it takes to be in the spotlight in her own , so now seemed like the perfect time to release her latest solo debut single. Watch the premiere of her fierce performance clip for the inspirational track ‘Pick Up Your Crown’ , which is just a preview of what’s to come from the triple threat below.

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