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Women Run It



March is Women’s History Month, women have been breaking down barriers in their respective fields. Especially, in the rap game, we literally had to fight to sit at the table. Females in the rap game have come a long way since the days of Roxanne Shante and Queen Latifah but we have a lot further to go. Below is a list of boss chicks who will have you turnt in the office or in the car. Thank me later!

Erica Banks

When she first came on the scene, I really hate that a lot of people tried to compare her to Megan. I think their styles are different and I like her play on words.

Doja Cat

I love how Doja’s weird and just has zero F’s given attitude which is commendable. Especially in these times where everyone is trying to copy the next person’s swag. I love how she walks to the beat of her own drum.

Yung Baby Tate

She is the epitome of carefree black girl and that’s what made me gravitate towards her music. I first discovered her on “Insecure” and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love her cocky demeanor and this feature with Flo Milli is Brown Girl Magic!!!

Flo Milli

This Mississippi native makes her presence known whenever she spits on wax and that’s appreciated. She reminds me of Mia X, I haven’t seen a woman spit with such ferocity in such a long time that’s why I’m so drawn to her. Anyone who listens to her will say the same.

These are the tracks that I listen to when I’m feeling myself. You know those days when you just got your nails done or hair did. These are women who encapsulate feminity and being a real baddie. So, stop being basic and update that playlist.


Queen Ke